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WordPress Multisite Statistics


WordPress Multisite Statistics is a powerful tool for understanding the performance and usage of your WordPress Multisite network. It provides a comprehensive view of your website, including the number of active sites, the total number of users, active plugins and themes, and more. With WordPress Multisite Statistics, you can understand the success of your network and identify areas for...

IT certifications validate both skills and knowledge


Information security is more than just keeping your network safe from hackers. It’s about protecting information and business processes from attackers as well. Further, information security professionals need to be able to think analytically, communicate effectively, and understand the business imperatives of their organizations in order to secure them appropriately. The Security+ certification...

Vertical trading options


A stock is a good investment when it pays you dividends, when there’s an exceptional selling opportunity, or when it goes up in price. There are different strategies that can help you in making money from such stocks. In this article, we will discuss three such strategies – vertical trading, short selling, and covered call options What is vertical trading? Vertical trading is an options strategy...

The advantages of laser treatments over cosmetics


If you’ve ever picked up a piece of lipstick and wondered if it would make any difference, then you’re probably familiar with the struggle of trying to find the right shade or finish. But your lipsticks might not be the only thing you should question. Even if laser treatments don’t seem like the best solution for all your problems, they can work wonders for certain conditions. When it comes to...

Tout savoir sur la naturopathie


La médecine naturopathique (souvent appelée simplement naturopathie) est un système médical alternatif qui s’appuie sur des médicaments à base de plantes, ou “médicaments naturels”, pour traiter les troubles de la santé humaine. Il s’agit d’une branche de la médecine naturelle qui met l’accent sur la guérison par la prise en charge de l’individu dans sa...

How stone benches and stone art can transform your garden


Stone paths, stone walls, and seating areas are some of the most popular features in gardens. Their peaceful atmosphere, flowing lines and natural beauty help create the perfect spot for a relaxing moment or an elegant party. Stone is also incredibly durable, so it can last for many years without looking out of place or requiring any maintenance other than light cleaning every couple of years. If...

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